Ways to lessen fuel consumption

In times of recession it's important that we all try to save money where we can, and a good starting point is looking at how the way you drive can be altered to lessen fuel consumption. Lessening fuel consumption is important when trying to cut your spending, even more so if you have a car that is quite heavy on fuel. Here are 15 ways you can lessen your fuel consumption and keep more money in your pocket:

1. Make sure your tyre pressure is at the correct level; a car with square wheels is a lot harder to roll than one with round wheels and uses a lot more fuel to do so.

2. Another great way to lessen your fuel consumption is to change up your gears sooner. Depending on the car you drive depends on when you should change your gears, petrol cars should change up when they reach 2,500RMP and diesels at around 2,000 to get the most from your fuel.

3. More weight in your car means more fuel consumption. Travel light when driving and just take the essentials and emergency equipment. This way you should lighten the load and lessen consumption.

4. Set off nice and slow. When the lights hit green don't hit your accelerator with all you have got! Increasing your speed nice and steadily is the best way to get the most from your fuel and you're taught this on your driving lessons.

5. Slow down when you hit the freeway. The faster you go the more fuel you use. The faster you travel the more fuel you use. Sacrifice your speed for a few extra kilometers.

6. When you fill up wiggle the nozzle to get all the extra fuel out that is stuck in it, even turn it upside down as it's only going to go into the persons tank behind you!

7. Make sure your engine is well oiled as this reduces friction and lessens fuel consumption.

8. When you park, try to get in the shade or inside as the sunlight heats up your car and evaporates your precious fuel! Keep it in the tank as a liquid and don't park in sunlight as this also causes your interior to fade.

9. Buy your gas in the early morning or later at night. It's warmer in the afternoon and early evening, which means evaporation is more prevalent. That's why you're sometimes hit with that nasty gasoline smell at filling stations during the heat of the day.

10. Avoid hardly braking as much as possible! Braking quickly loses all that kinetic energy you have paid for your car to generate; plan ahead and avoid harsh braking when you can.

11. Turn off your air conditioning unless absolutely necessary. The air conditioning increases fuel consumption at low speeds, however at high speeds the difference is barely noticeable.

12. The early birds catch the worm, or in this case the densest fuel! Get to the fuel station earlier in the morning as the air is cooler and the fuel is denser. This way you will get more for your money as it's priced in volume.

13. If you have cruise control on your car now would be a good time to turn it on as it could save you a bit of money on a long journey down the motorway.

14. Avoid idling as your engine is using fuel and you're not even moving. If traffic looks like it isn't going to move for a while switch your car engine off and save yourself a bit of fuel.

15. Keep a track of how many miles you're getting for how much fuel you’re using. If you see it dip then it may indicate early stages of something your car is doing wrong.

16. Our final tip is not to travel with roof racks or boxes on as this spoils the aerodynamics of your car. On your driving lessons head boards are placed on the cars to make other people aware that you're a learner and must be done although it increases fuel consumption.

There you have our top 15 tips! Some that are taught on driving lessons, others that are learnt with driving experience and others which you can only which get passed around by word of mouth. Follow these simple tips and you should see your fuel consumption decrease!

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